About WOC Who Rock

This project began Q4 of 2018 after two things happened that I’ll never forget.

#1: I was scrolling through my Facebook timeline and suddenly became aware of something. As I thumbed through each post, I thought to myself, “White. White. White. White. White. White. White. White. White.” The majority of my friend’s list was white.

“I KNOW Black people! I have Black friends and family. I’M BLACK! WTF?! What’s up with this?”

#2: Shortly after, someone asked me for a business referral and I realized my entire referral list was also white.

“Shit. What am I going to do about this?”

I decided to connect with more WOC and made this post on my Facebook wall:I received a few responses, catalogued them, and left on a one-way ticket to SE Asia. A few months later, I received an intuitive hit to organize the information and share it. Thus, this post, and The WOC Directory, was born:

The post gained a bit of popularity and I received another intuitive message to start interviewing WOC in order to share their message, career and business opportunities, and life perspectives with other Women of Color.

And that’s how this podcast, WOC Who Rock, was born. I conducted about 17 interviews within a month and it took me over a year to finally get the project live (maybe I’ll get into that another day).

If you’d like to be interviewed on the podcast, please complete this form.

If you’d like to interview me about this podcast, traveling, being a digital nomad, solo parenting, mindset, running a freelance business, digital marketing, systems, productivity, self-learning, being Black in tech, building relationships & a network using social media, please e-mail me at arielle@ariellehale.com with the subject line “Interview Request”.